Unveiled: Secret terms IT pros use to describe YOU

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I employed to be in tech support. It’s a tough, discouraging, and generally thankless job that tests the limitations of your persistence. But it can also be gratifying when you fix what appears extremely hard to the person. 

Some tech concerns have uncomplicated fixes you can try out on your possess. Tap or simply click below for five easy answers to each day tech issues.  

Like most industry experts, IT people have their possess lingo. Here are 10 insider words that you could possibly listen to that describe you. 

1. EEOC  

An IT professional fully understands smartphones, personal computers, networks, tablets, routers, Wi-Fi, functioning systems, firewalls, Bluetooth, components, updates, security, and many additional products and technologies.  

If an IT professional suggests in front of you, “I might adore to help, but it is an EEOC trouble,” they are secretly mocking you. They believe that that you are never, ever, at any time likely to be equipped to use regardless of what unit you known as them about.  

EEOC is quick for “Tools Exceeds Operator Capabilities.” 

Person using computer.

Individual working with pc.

2. ESTO 

This verbal shortcode is like EEOC but stands for “Tools Smarter Than Operator.”  

If you listen to an individual say that about you, test not to be much too damage. Neither EEOC nor ESTO will sting as a great deal as this subsequent codeword. 

3. ID10T Mistake 

When you listen to an IT professional say, “I’ve noticed this challenge just before. It is a ID10T error,” it doesn’t audio poor. 

This is an case in point of an ID10T mistake. Say your mouse will never get the job done, so simply call IT and ask them for help. In a sec, the perpetrator is clear. The Bluetooth is turned off on your personal computer.    

It is pronounced I-D-10-T. Go through individuals as letters with a 10 in the middle. And yes, it absolutely sure appears like the phrase fool. 

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4. Code 18 

How about a clue to what this mystery IT code signifies? The 18 refers to inches. 

Let’s use it in a sentence. An IT pro might say to a co-employee, “I’ve reset Jim’s Gmail filters 5 occasions, gave him a dozen classes, and however will get Code 18.” 

Code 18 signifies that the difficulty is sitting 18-inches away from the screen. 

(Credit: iStock)

(Credit: iStock)


You may perhaps assume this is a adorable way of declaring, “I need to have taken a picnic basket for the reason that repairing that challenge was so easy!” Unfortunately, when an IT human being says PICNIC in the context of serving to you that is not their body of mind. 

They are using an acronym for “Difficulty In Chair Not In Computer system.”  


Folks use the phrases gearhead, geek, technocrat, and technophile interchangeably. IT execs do the similar with PICNIC and PEBKAC. 

Sometimes, the problem exists among the keyboard and chair or PEBKAC. Yep, they are saying you have brought about your tech challenges. 

7. Layer 8 issue 

You could possibly not get this just one if you really don’t have an understanding of the OSI design for networking. Computer systems related via a network use intricate architecture. There are seven layers in the OSI model for networking. 

So, the eighth layer has nothing to do with the hardware. It has to do with the human interacting with the pc method. In other words, “Layer 8” refers to you! 

8. A short amongst the headphones 

Imagine about what is concerning a pair of headphones. When you slip on a headset, it’s your brain. 

You may well listen to an IT professional say, “She’s ordinarily quite superior at this, but she experienced a quick involving the headphones. There was no paper in the printer.” 

Person wearing headphones using computer.

Man or woman donning headphones making use of computer system.

9. IBM error 

This term has absolutely nothing to do with the laptop corporation. But when you find out what this acronym suggests, you might would like that ended up the circumstance. IBM usually means “Fool Guiding Machine.” 

It’s yet another acronym referring to human problems. Your machine is not at fault. Your challenges are caused by your self, according to the particular person expressing this. 

If you at any time hear this about you, have a prepare. Say, “I know what that suggests, so the ‘I’ does not use!”  

10. Biological Interface Mistake 

There is practically nothing organic about a laptop or computer. It is a machine. The moment yet again, we’re conversing about a human. 

“Yup, I could not deal with it. It’s a Biological Interface Error.” 

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