Tarmac tirade: Girl opens emergency exit, flees plane down inflatable slide

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A California lady went on a tirade versus airline personnel and escaped an plane by the unexpected emergency exit and inflatable slide just ahead of takeoff in Buffalo, New York on Tuesday.

The female, Cynthia McKnight, reportedly ran all around on the airport tarmac just before staying apprehended by law enforcement, according to WIBV 4. McKnight’s flight was on board an American Airlines flight certain for Chicago.

“Cynthia McKnight faces a amount of rates such as disorderly conduct, harassment, trespass and criminal mischief,” NFTA Director of General public Affairs Helen Tederous told News 4. “According to detectives, McKnight actually opened the cabin door of the airplane. The American Airlines flight was on route to Chicago.”


Spencer Brown, an offensive deal with for the NFL’s Buffalo Charges, was on the aircraft and tweeted about the incident afterward.

“Sitting on a aircraft. A lady is pissed. Girl pulls the emergency inflatable slide to escape the aircraft. Lady is running wild through the tarmac presently. Cops have arrived. Flight ruined. Memories designed. Noice,” he tweeted, followed by a thumbs up.

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The pilot was forced to return the airplane to the gate following the incident.

McKnight’s daring escape comes as airline personnel are seeing an uptick in unruly passengers, with several of the encounters centering on masking.

Important airlines finished mask prerequisites on Monday just after a federal decide in Florida struck down President Joe Biden’s mask mandate masking airplanes, airports, and general public transportation.

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