Declines on Wall Street; Boeing loses 1.4%

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Trading on Wall Street has declined: the S&P 500 and Dow Jones are both down 0.1%, and the Nasdaq is down 0.3%.

Walt disney Shed 1.5%, Boeing Loses 1.4% andCaterpillar Climbs 1.4%.

In the crypto segment, Bitcoin has lost 3% in the last day and now the value of one currency stands at 39176 US dollars. Etherium has lost 5.1% in the last day and the value of one currency now stands at about $ 2,917.


Positive opening on Wall Street: Dow Jones adds 0.3%, S&P 500 rises 0.1% and Nasdaq remains unchanged.

Intel Climbs by 0.5%, Twitter Increases by 1.2% andNike Loses 0.4%. After crashing in early trading, Chinese Didi Global is losing 21.2%.


Trading on Wall Street futures continues to be a negative trend, although declines continue to decline. Contracts for the Dow Jones are stable, contracts for the S & P500 are down 0.1% and the Nasdaq is down 0.2%.

Bank of America Published reports for the first quarter, according to which earnings were 80 cents per share (while forecasts were for 75 cents earnings per share) and also in the revenue line slightly exceeded forecasts: $ 23.3 billion, about 1.8% more than revenue in the corresponding quarter last year and above the forecast of 23.2 billion dollar. Although the profit is above the market forecast, it is a decrease of 12% compared to the corresponding quarter.

In the US government bond trading arena, yields moderated. The 10-year bond yield rises by 3 points to 2.83%, the two-year bond yield rises to 2.46%.

In the commodity market, crude oil prices are stable (with Brent contracts trading at $ 111.7 a barrel), while gold is up 0.8% at $ 1,990.8 an ounce.


The declines in futures contracts on the Wall Street indices have moderated and stand at 0.2% -0.4%.

Chinese Cooperative Travel Company, Didi Global , Crashed 17% in early trading, after publishing reports on Saturday showing that its revenue in the fourth quarter fell by 12.7% compared to the same period last year. The company is preparing to be wiped out of trading in New York as part of a cyber security investigation by Chinese regulators, andAnnounced that it would hold a shareholders’ meeting on May 23 to vote on it. She stated that she would not consider listing on another stock exchange before completing the listing on Wall Street.


Trade in China closed with a mixed trend. The Shanghai Composite Index was down 0.5% and the China 50 Index was down 1.2%, while the Shenzhen Index was up 0.3%. In India, sharp declines of 2% -2.5% continue.

On European stock exchanges, it will be recalled, no trading takes place today due to the Easter holiday. Russia is trading slightly lower, and the MOEX and RTSI denominated dollar are down 0.6%.

Wall Street futures continue to lose ground, the highest decline in contracts on the Nasdaq, which retreated 0.8 percent.

There has been a moderation in the commodity market, and crude oil prices are currently weakening by 0.3%. The price of brent drops to $ 111.3 a barrel. Gold is still climbing 0.8% and rising to $ 1,989 an ounce – an increase of about 13% compared to last year and the highest level in 5 weeks.


Trading in Tokyo closed in red, although the Nikkei index narrowed to 1.4%. Credit card company Credit Sison has soared more than 20% in a significantly larger-than-average trading volume, after City Inks Credit reported that it holds 5.1% of its shares. In contrast, Softbank Corporation as well as automakers Toyota, Nissan and Honda recorded declines.

In China, the direction changes slightly, with the Shenzhen index moving up 0.4%. Shanghai It is still down 0.6% and the China 50 index is down 1.3%. In Hong Kong, it will be recalled, the stock exchange is closed due to Easter. In India, declines are down by 1% -2%, and the Kospi index in Seoul is down 0.2%.


Asian stock markets are trading this morning in a mostly negative trend. measure Nike In Tokyo it was cut by 1.7% and also in China there are declines of up to 1.5%, against the background of positive growth figures for the first quarter and for the whole year. GDP rose in the quarter by 1.3%, with the forecast for an increase of 0.6%, and growth at an annual rate of 4.8% compared with a forecast for an increase of 4.4%.

In Tokyo, credit card company Credit Sison stands out against the trend, soaring close to 19% after activist investor City Index Eleventh reported on Friday after buying shares in recent weeks that it holds 5.1% of the Japanese company’s shares.

Today there will be no trading on the European stock exchanges and part of Asia (Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand) due to Easter.

In contract trading the trend is also negative, after the Wall Street indices ended the previous week with losses. Contracts for the Dow Jones are down 0.2%, for the S & P500 by 0.5% and for the NASDAQ by 0.9%. At the same time, bond yields continue to climb. The 10-year bond yield jumps by 7 basis points to 2.87% and the two-year bond yield rises by 6 points to 2.5%.

Oil futures are up 1%: Brent oil for June delivery, the global benchmark, is up $ 112.8 a barrel. A WTI contract for delivery in May costs $ 107.3 a barrel.

The gold price climbs half a percent to $ 1,985 an ounce. In the cryptocurrency market the trend is negative, when eBitcoin Falls by 3.5% to $ 38.9 thousand andEtherium Loses 3.8% and drops to $ 2,913.

After the big banks published their quarterly reports last week, the reporting season on Wall Street continues and the tech giants will also join the flood of publications this week, among other things, reports will be published this week Bank of America (Today), Netflix Johnson & Johnson Lockheed Martin and IBM (Tomorrow), Tesla , Procter & Gamble and United Airlines (Wednesday). Next week they will publish Alphabet, Microsoft, Meta and Apple.

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